A guide to Montauk



A couple of weeks ago my girlfriends and I went out East to celebrate my dear friends Sarah’s 30th birthday (hope you had fun Paps)! We stayed at the Hero Beach Club, it’s a short walk to the beach and I highly recommend staying at this cozy little hotel- we definitely met some interesting characters staying at the same hotel. Our first night was my favorite I highly recommend Ruschmeyer’s for an early dinner, followed by some fun outdoor games with cocktails and then dancing the night away (we got back to our hotel at 5 in the morning). I also highly recommend Crow’s nest for drinks/dinner, the views are stunning! ¬†We also had lunch at navy beach (photo of us on the bed) such a fun place to catch up and have drinks!


Be sure to check out

-Cozy hotel: Hero Beach Club

-Dinner: Ruschmeyer’s, Crow’s Nest

-Drinks- Crow’s Nest, Navy Beach,

-Dancing- Rushmeyer’s


As for the wineries we checked out DuckWalk and Wolfeer- I highly recommend Wolfeer, the views at breathtaking (bring your camera)!


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