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Hi readers!

Have you heard of Function of beauty?

This new company is going to change how you shop for your hair products (I promise), it basically features a customizable line that tailors to your specific hair needs. The process is easy and it consists of 3 simple steps.

Step 1, You describe your hair type + hair structure.

Step 2, You get to choose 5 hair goals and lastly

Step 3 You choose the color of your shampoo/conditioner + fragrance that strikes your fancy.


If you aren’t sure of your needs you are capable of chatting online with a chemist, as there are currently 450 million combinations to pick from. On top of it all this line is free or paragons + free of GMO and they do not test on animals.

I tested this product out for two weeks and love how it helped my scalp (my main concern was my dry scalp as I have psorisis) and it also added the volume I was seeking. You can try out the product by clicking here. I also did notice that my hair was less oily (in between skipping washes).

You can purchase your own personalized set for $26 (with free shipping) by clicking HERE

Thank you Function of Beauty for partnering. All reviews & opinions are completely my own based on experience.

XO, Vera




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