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I have been blogging for a little over a year now and sometimes have a hard time with it due to having a full time job. I do very often struggle with being capable of posting new content due to the fact that I work 5-6 days a week. The best tips that I have received thus far are:

1. Carrying a notebook with me (at all times)- so that I can jot down any notes & ideas that I have. I use these notes to later elaborate and expand my content. With my little handy notebook I am capable of brainstorming (sometimes I make best use when I am on the subway, on a quick break, or in between going to the gym and picking up dry cleaning).

2. Finding time to actually sit down and plan my blog content- I now make it a priority, to schedule shootings, plan future blog posts, read through blogs and go through my planner (it took me months to discover that I NEED a planner).

3. Being capable of (politely) saying no, thank you- to working with certain brands. In the past, I have ignored many emails that I have received in regards to working with a brand, sadly because I haven’t had the time. I have learned that if I am simply not interested in working with a brand and if it does not fit the overall aesthetic of my blog it is ok to say no, but I now always make it a point to take the time & thank the brand for wanting to work with me.

4. Drafting- I take advantage of drafting! I love to draft, quite simply because when I have the time I sit and write or post and then I click save and then I get back to it when I have time.

5. Being persistent & inviting- I have learned that it is essential to update my blog frequently. The best way to have readers wanting to come back to my blog is to always try and post something new & refreshing. Social impact is HUGE when it comes to blogging. I now make time to go through and read my readers blogs. I think supporting one another is important and I try to make time to show my readers I appreciate them!

These tips have helped me, I hope they help you as well. 
Have an amazing week,

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  1. Totally agree with you on this! I definitely find it hard to find time for my blog, as well. While I do find time, it's always late at night, and I sometimes will be up until 3 in the morning still editing photos! I tend to leave it to the last minute lol. And so know what you mean about learning to say no. I think I have finally learned how to, after a few times of feeling like I was suckered into a few partnerships. Glad I'm not the only one who bass felt that! <3

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