Morning Rituals With Dingo

Good Morning! I have only had my blog for three months and I have been a bit sporadic with my posts and I am trying to be a tad bit more consistent. With today’s post I wanted to shy away from outfit of the day and share with you all my morning rituals! 

As any  pet owner knows that when you first wake up in the morning, you have to take care of your pet. Regardless if its a kiss on the head, a walk outside, changing the litter box or refilling the water bowl- they are a priority. Before Dingo (my dog pictured in this post) came into my life, approximately 7 years ago, never in my wildest imaginations did I think that dogs could possibly be such a major responsibility. I never though at the age of 3 he would end up with bladder stones and never did I think that we could have a diabetic scare. 

Even though this little guy requires so much and I can’t go to every dinner party, or travel as much as I would like & I have to be home at a certain hour, the love between a human being and a dog is real. It is absolutely great! 

So every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is roll over because of course Dingo doesn’t sleep in his own bed, he sleeps in “ours”. After, we go on our morning walk and after he gets fresh water and then eye drops (due to an eye infection)- I can then sit down, make coffee & then begin my day! I hope you all enjoy your day!


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