Valentine’s day









I love Valentine’s day, I always have- I am a sucker for love. I tried this year not to get too wrapped up in it and didn’t wear my grey sweater which has an enormous big pink heart on it, instead I opted for something simple & clean. 
When I have nothing to wear I always tend to gravitate towards this Helmut Lang blazer. Now, not only is the tailoring of it perfect but the material and weight of it is so light. You will find me wearing this blazer quite often sometimes paired with heels and a skirt or sometimes with jeans and tee- this is an item that I simply cannot live without & definitely a great splurge. 
I hope all you readers spent your Valentine’s day with someone you love. 
Blazer- Helmut Lang
Jeans- Gap (I love how the cuff is supposed to fold at the bottom)
Shirt- Spectre & Co. (Mens wear purchased in a smaller size)
Shoes- Aldo
Clutch- Louis Vuitton
Jewelry- Atlantis Jewelry (including hoop earrings, rings & bracelets). Please email me if there is something that you like/ have a question about.


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