I left my heart in Bermuda!

Due to the terrible weather conditions today I couldn’t get into Manhattan to get to work so now I am stuck at home trying to get some work done but instead I find myself glimpsing at old photos. Today my blog post is going to be about the most beautiful place in the entire world- Bermuda! Every winter, I love to travel to a place warm, two weeks ago I flew to the Dominican Republic and don’t get me wrong the vacation was none the less remarkable and relaxing. But the trip that I cannot seem to forget about most was sailing the Norwegian Cruise to Bermuda 2 years ago. Everything from the ship, to the food, to the breathtaking views in Bermuda was all perfect. Bermuda to me is magical, I have never been anywhere prettier! Don’t believe me? Take a peek for yourself! 

If you are looking to go on vacation to a place where you can feel safe walking around and you are looking for a place that is just magical- well Bermuda is your go to spot. Just thinking about this place makes my heart smile!




This was our cruise ship!
I found this dress on Park Avenue in a small boutique and to this day I can easily say, it is my favorite!



These were our late night snacks!






See that lady with the hat on in the water waving her hands- well thats me =)




Our small ship- just kidding!


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