Layering Necklaces

I wanted to share with you all, my love for all things sparkly!

These enchanting necklaces that I am wearing are handmade in NYC by Atlantis Jewelry-

The necklaces are both solid 14k gold with diamonds and are impeccable & ideal for layering- and boy do I love to layer! The top necklace is an elephant- many religions believe that an elephant is found in form of a Ganesha (who is the god of good luck), and is meant to be a blessing upon all projects. Now even if this top little number doesn’t bring me any luck I find the little diamond in the eye to be quite darling. The bottom necklace is a nameplate of course- my name “VERA” coated in my favorite-DIAMONDS!! I must fill you in on a little secret…. this necklace above all things brings out the Carry Bradshaw in me.

My earrings are 14k gold over sterling silver- the top stone is a druzy quartz & the bottom a semi-precious gem called Chrysoprase. Not, only do these earrings sparkle tremendously, every time I put them on they bring a little glamour into my life. I wanted to pair my Helmut Lang blazer with a little sparkle & I feel these bad boy earrings did the trick!

All pieces are available for purchase either via website or by directly emailing me I hope you guy’s all have an amazing weekend!!


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